Sick of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for leads that don't pan out?

Not anymore! ErieBids Brings you the Leads for Free

When potential clients submit bid requests via our site, we'll get in touch with you if the request fits the industry, or industries, your company represents. You will then be able to contact the lead and review the job. Once you have reviewed the job and its requirements, you can then submit a bid via our site, or respond directly to the email sent to you. Only the winning bid pays a fee. You can't beat that! Sign up to be a contractor with ErieBids today.

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Amount Charged to Client Amount Owed to ErieBids
$1 - $1,000 $50
$1,001 - $2,000 $100
$2,001 - $4,000 $150
$4,001 - $6,000 $200
$6,001 - $8,000 $250
$8,001 - $333,333 3% of Sale
$333,334+ $10,000